Happy 34th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

My parents aren't the kind of people who go in for the big, splashy celebrations, but I think it's definitely worth a mention that 34 years ago today, on May 1st, 1976*, my parents were married in the chapel at Western Theological Seminary (Holland, Mich.) by my grandfather, Jim Cook. This was followed by a reception in the lawn outside (if the photographs are any judge, it was a gorgeous sunny day) and a potluck picnic complete with bonfire at the beach that night.

All these years later, they're still together and still very much a family (along with the addition of me and my sibs not to mention the cats, dogs, hamsters, birds, and other various wildlife that have passed through their home over the years). I'm so glad every day to have you two in my life!

*Bad daughter that I am, I originally indicated in this post that my parents were married in 1975, when it was actually 1976. What can I say: I've spent the last six months thinking about a educational program that began in 1975 and is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year . . . inexcusable grad-school related mindblip! Still, my point stands: 34 years of being a family is a pretty amazing thing.

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  1. Thanks Anna, that is a sweet posting for mom and me -- or as we used to say back in the day, "far out!" It's worth noting that in 1976 the major wedding theme was America's Bicentennial with red, white and blue all over the place. Somehow we resisted. The result being we can still look at those old pics. Happy May Day!