after 7 years, the feminist librarian is moving!

As I noted before the August hiatus, the feminist librarian is migrating to Wordpress! It now sports its own domain name: thefeministlibrarian.com. The site is now live and you are welcome to visit, poke around, and let me know what works and doesn't.

Beginning September 1st, 2014 all future posts will appear in that space, so please update your RSS feeds, bookmarks, etc. accordingly.

I have migrated all 1,000+ posts from this space, complete with comments. I have no plans to delete this site in the short term, but annajcook.blogspot.com will become an inactive historical record rather than the home of the feminist librarian moving forward. 


august blogging vacation + september migration

Brought to you by the peaceful galleries of the
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
I'll be taking August off from blogging here at the feminist librarian as I wrap up some other writing projects that have been too long delayed. I hope that all of you are having a peaceful and/or productive end to the summer and I will see you in September!

... Which brings me to my related announcement that the feminist librarian will finally be migrating from Blogger to Wordpress at the end of the month, and graduating to its own domain name! Details will be posted here once the new space has been designed and gone public, and the archives from 2007-2014 will remain here as well as migrating to the new site. After seven (!) years, I have decided it's time for a change.

See you on the flipside.