from the neighborhood: PSA graffiti

When Hanna and I arrived at the train station in Lowell a couple of weekends ago, en route to Lunenberg, we happened to spot this helpful message on the side of a traincar.

"Very soon the dead will rise out of their graves."

I'm not sure if this is meant to be a eschatalogical prediction or a warning about zombie invasion. Either way, I feel the person who painted it with a certain public spiritedness about them.

Possibly, they could have benefitted from the company of whomever offered this bit of advice outside one of the Berklee School of Music buildings near the Massachusetts Historical Society.

"Keep your chin up, old sport."


  1. In general, I hate graffiti. But this kind of graffiti fills me with a touch of glee...

  2. This is my favorite:


    "Roland Deschain Was Here"