welcome teazle!

...because who doesn't need adorable kitten videos on a Wednesday?

Hanna and I have been talking, pretty much since we adopted Geraldine two years ago, about bringing a second cat-child into the household as a companion for Gerry -- particularly since we're both gone for significant periods of time during the work week. This past weekend, we decided to visit the adoption center at the MSPCA Angell Hospital in Jamaica Plain, and while we weren't actively seeking to adopt right now we went prepared to do so if the right match was made.

Well, it was. In the form of a two-month-old foundling whom we've named Teazle. It was clear within moments of Hanna picking Teazle up (and having the wee one fall asleep against her bosom) that this was love and we'd do everything possible to take her home.

"Everything possible" turned out to include a last-minute vet appointment for Geraldine on a Sunday morning (she needed her shots up-to-date) and coordination with a buddy who lives near the shelter to make sure we got to the adoption center the moment it opened that day and snatched the paperwork so that no-one else could claim the kitten we were already thinking of as "our" wee one.

She was spayed yesterday morning and I went to pick her up yesterday afternoon. You would not know from this video that she'd been under anesthesia and/or had abdominal surgery a few hours before!

Geraldine is not impressed with us right now, but to be fair she's suffered the indignity of a visit to the vet, ear drops for an infection, and now a small-n-squeaky addition to the household -- all in the short span of forty-eight hours! So we're trying to give her lots of love and normalcy and introduce them slowly.

And, like with Black Cat Rescue (the folks we worked with to adopt Geraldine), we were super impressed with the MSPCA as both a hospital and a shelter, and will gladly give a shout-out for their services and facility for anyone in the Boston area looking to adopt and/or seek care for their non-human family members and/or need a place to surrender foundlings, etc. They had tons of volunteers, everything was clean and animal-friendly, and all the animals were alert and getting lots of positive attention.


  1. Your new addition is sooooooo cute! On a compete tangent, the art on Hanna's forearm looks amazing!!!

  2. @Mackey ... glad you enjoyed ... I have a feeling there will be more kitten videos in this blog's future!

    Re: Hanna's art -- yes, it's really awesome, and relatively new! She had it inked about a week ago, and is waiting for the scabs to shed before taking "official" photos. The piece was designed by Hanna's friend Diana and was inked by Ellen @ Chameleon in Cambridge, Mass. This is the third tat that Ellen has done for us, and we couldn't be happier with her work!

  3. Congrats on the new addition! Good luck with the two cat integration. Mine still aren't best buddies (6 years later) but I think it is better for them to have a sort of companion when I'm gone at work.