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It's time for the semi-regular round-up of posts written elsewhere. As a reminder, I'm now linking all blog posts, regardless of host site, at my public twitter account: @feministlib. So for those who use Twitter, it'll get you day-of updates from here and elsewhere. I realize Twitter isn't to everyone's taste, though, so I'll keep providing these link lists intermittently for those who care.

Over at the corner of your eye I reviewed:
We're also still posting three fan fic recs per week over at everything is gay and nothing hurts, for those who need a regular injection of slashy goodness.

And at The Pursuit of Harpyness:

And as I already highlighted, I participated in The Last Name Project back in May, writing about the way Hanna and I chose to combine our middle names in marriage. In July, I'll be contributing further wedding-themed posts to the "queer salon" In Our Words, which has already cross-posted my outline of our minimalist wedding plans.

I continue to feel that the feminist librarian is my true Internet home -- and I thank you all for stopping by to visit me here! I'm glad you find it an hospitable space.

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