from the neighborhood: cat blogging

Despite -- or perhaps because of? -- the fact this was a short week here in Massachusetts (they take their federal holidays seriously in the commonwealth!), I feel like I've been running perpetually behind the last few days and don't have much energy or inspiration for serious blogging. So when in doubt -- post photos!

Here are the latest snapshots of the newest member of our family, a two-year-old kitty who has so far refused to tell us her true name. Front-runners thus far include Maida, Zia, Romana, Sarah Jane and Lucia. So far, she seems to have a slight preference for Sarah Jane ... but stay tuned for updates.

Under the tablecloth is a good place for lurking.

She seems to be picking up wicked
meditation skillz from Hanna

And of course the most important task of any cat is
to meet their daily quota of nap attacks!
Have a lovely weekend, and I'll try to come up with something feminist-librarian-activist to rant about come next week!


  1. Kitty. Goodness. Also, my son enjoyed this post. ("Those are some silly pictures!")

  2. @Molly glad to know we have a fan in the under-fives set :)!