from the neighborhood: friday bonus kitten pics

As I put this post together, we're in what I hope is the tail-end of a three-day-long heat wave that saw temperatures in the high 90s, lows in the 70s, and high humidity here in Boston. Hanna and the cats are crashed on the living room floor in the air circulating thanks to our four household fans.

Our "isolation room" strategy only lasted about 36 hours, given the size of our apartment and the evidence that Gerry was mostly just pouty rather than openly hostile.

This was what their coexistence looked like as of twenty-four hours ago. They've been dancing in closer and closer circles ever since. When we got home from lunch with a friend this afternoon, they were actually nose-to-nose for a brief moment, before Teazle decided Gerry's tail was the ultimate toy and Gerry gave her a swat upside the head.

So we went back to sleeping at respectful distance -- at least from each other; as you can see Teazle likes being right near the humans. (Last night, this was me and the kitten. Although I was on my back and the kitten was draped very warm-and-fuzzily across my collarbone.)

And for those who haven't seen them, Teazle vs. Bottlecap:

And Teazle vs. Bookshelf:

Happy Friday everyone, and more videos to come next week!


  1. OMG. She finally gets the toy out from under the bookshelf . . . only to find that she's stuck there herself! Teazle can't catch a break. ;)

  2. I know, right? I couldn't have turned the camera on at a better time for hilarious action :)!