from the neighborhood: fun with friends, bonus cat photo!

Yesterday, Diana sent us this photograph of Geraldine on Diana's carry-on suitcase. Gerry did reconnaissance as soon as Diana and Collin arrived, decided that was going to be her bed of choice for the weekend, and spent 90% of her time there while we were home (the other 10% was begging for tuna, per usual). The cat-shaped dent in the suitcase top suggested she spent 100% of her time napping there when we were out on the town.
photo by Diana Wakimoto (June 2012)
Hope everyone has a brilliant weekend, and see you next week for more fun with The Act of Marriage, actual wedding thoughts and plans, and more.

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  1. I don't know why cats invariably find the new item in the house and decide to personalize it, but it sure is cute!