from the neighborhood: fun with friends, part 1

We had a lovely weekend with friends Diana and Collin, and were very sorry to see them go yesterday afternoon (if only someone would invent reliable teleportation!). It was, in fact, a lovely weekend despite nearly continuous rain and a trip to the emergency room on Saturday (to verify a strained muscle was, in fact, strained and not something worse -- it isn't, whew). We had lots of coffee and tea and good food, good conversation, and vacation-type movies (Fast Five, and the Doctor Who Christmas special!). I'm letting myself take the rest of the week off from blogging-blogging, but here are a few photographs from our Boston perambulations.

sailboats on Jamaica Pond
Our one nice day (weather-wise) was Friday, and Diana, Collin, and I took a long walk up to Jamaica Plain and had lunch at Centre Street Cafe while Hanna was in Newport, RI, for a meeting.

judgy cat is judgy
All things considered, Geraldine was accepting of the two interlopers -- it helped that Auntie Diana brought her favorite dried fish flakes all the way from California! She was very distressed keeping track of four people instead of just two for four whole days and crashed last night (she didn't even get me up to feed her at 3am!)

I spy with my little eye ... 
On Sunday, we took the bus over to Harvard Square to meet up with friends Minerva and Nancy for lunch, and between coffee at Crema Cafe and meeting up with the rest of the gang, we hung out in the Harvard Co-op (where else to spend a rainy morning but in a book shop?!). I was so excited to see Swallows and Amazons on the Staff Recommends shelf -- someone raised their kid right!

Steampunk sighting FTW!
... And my favorite sighting of the day goes to this man from Cambridge Historical Tours, who was waiting for a tour group at the Harvard Square T stop and checking his smartphone. He was totally rocking the coat, hat, and goggles.

On Thursday, I'll post some pictures from our visit to the Boston Public Library's current exhibition on print-making! Hope y'all are having a good week thus far.

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