from the neighborhood: fun with friends, part 2

After Friday, it rained almost continuously the whole weekend Diana and Collin were here. On Monday, before they left for the airport, we took refuge at the Boston Public Library (between Pavement Coffeehouse and Berkeley Perk Cafe).

center courtyard in the rain, from the 3rd floor gallery
The main branch of the BPL regularly hosts exhibitions, and when we were there they had -- among other offerings -- a wonderful print exhibition called reThink INK: 25 Years at Mixit Print Studio. Here are some of the photographs I took while we wandered around:

an installation featuring bees
one for the ghoulish sensibilities
I love the gender ambiguity of these figures
and these panels featuring labyrinths
 There were a lot of prints incorporating maps, architectural elements, and text. We also noticed a theme of arctic exploration. The photograph below is of an interactive piece featuring the upturned hull of a boat to which visitors are invited to tie slips of paper articulating wishes and dreams (our favorite: "I dream of Cthulhu" and also "I want a pig." There were also a wonderfully wide variety of languages represented.

ship of wishes and dreams
in the third floor gallery, there were lots of birds
including these haunting owls
If you're in the Boston area and are interested in print-making, I encourage you to check it out! The exhibition runs through 31 July 2012 at the Copley Square (main) branch of the Boston Public Library.

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