from the neighborhood: teazle LOVES cuddling edition

It's Wednesday, which I imagine means that many of you are ready for more gratuitous kitten pictures!

We've discovered that Teazle loves cuddling -- specifically on human chests. Perhaps it's the feel of our heartbeats and/or the sound of breathing?

As you can see this sometimes leads to things being a bit ... awkward. I've never felt quite so well-endowed as I do now that I know a two-pound kitten can perch on my boobs!

Then, of course, we aid and abet the cute by doing things like this (we're probably irresponsible kitty-mommies):
pocket cat!
But even when we're not being silly, Teazle manages to be silly for us. If only kitten-snoozing were an Olympic sport, she'd win all the medals in events such as ...

the full-length stretch ...
... and the cross-legged curl.
Stop by next Wednesday for more kittenish fun!

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