from the neighborhood: spring cleaning!

This being the first weekend post-thesis, I had the urge to clean. All that stuff that had been accumulating over the course of the winter months that we said to one another "we'll take care of that when ..." suddenly felt like too much and just had to go.

Even though this is a tiny apartment, we're going to have to tackle this in stages. Stage one was our closets, which basically double as our only form of storage apart from under the bed. In addition to cleaning, we also wanted to do the great changeover of winter-to-summer clothes and linens, putting away the flannel sheets and wool sweaters until next autumn.

Here's what we ended up gathering together for Goodwill.

At least most of it came from Goodwill in the 1st place?
And (yay!) here's what our spectacularly organized closets looked like when we were through:

TARDIS cross-stitch courtesy of Diana
You can see floor!!
 The cat was spectacularly unimpressed and thought we should be playing with her instead.

Unimpressed cat is unimpressed

We agree with Gerry that playing string is more fun
than spring cleaning any day!
Up next weekend: book organization and the kitchen cupboards!

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  1. Anna, congratulations! (On finishing your thesis, I mean--but also on the visible closet floor, which is also impressive.) I'm so happy for you.