memorial day monday [photo post]

Hi all! I missed my planned Friday photo post because I was felled with a migraine (vomiting and all) and Hanna didn't have my login information, so there could be no cross-post. And then we were traveling over the last few days. So here's a belated photo post for the holiday weekend.

We drove back to Boston via Vermont Rt. 9 to Brattleboro, Vermont, to visit their lovely co-op. On the way over, we stopped at the top of Hogback Mountain and for the first time since Hanna's been taking me up there we weren't actually fogged in and I could see at least part of the famous "100 mile view." Hanna tried out the new panorama setting on our digital camera.

Here are the results.

For a little more on what we're doing today, post-unpacking, check out the post I just put up on Lyn's Friends Feast. And look forward to a special two-for-one fic post scheduled to post tomorrow.

Stay cool, everyone, and enjoy your week.

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