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Last Saturday, Hanna, Minerva and I were talking about how difficult it is (the novels of Laurie King withstanding) to picture Sherlock Holmes as straight.

by berlynn_whol
M and H, who have far more by way of Holmes fan credibility than I do, maintain that Sherlock really only works as a character when depicted (in modern terms) somewhere long the homosexual-asexual axis. And even I know that, whether we're talking Arthur Conan Doyle canon or the most recent Sherlock television series, the relationship at the center of the Holmes universe is Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. So whether we're talking about homosocial friendship, homoerotic male friendship, homoromatic asexual sensuality, or whatever-the-hell we want to call it ... it's Holmes/Watson all the way.

Within the Sherlock Holmes fiction-writing fandom there's quite a bit of imaginative speculation over how a John/Sherlock relationship might look if Sherlock were asexual and John were, well, anything from straight but prioritizing his friendship with Sherlock to bi to fluid to gay (rarely asexual himself).  Today I'm bringing you one such imagining: a story in which Sherlock might be sexually uninterested in John, but sensually starving for his attention.

Title: Sensual Ace
Author: cagedwriter61
Pairing: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Author Rating: PG-13
Author Summary: "In which John finds out the real reason Sherlock does cocaine and agrees to become a substitute."
Length: 1 part, 2,403 words
Available At: LiveJournal.
Whether you find "asexy" Sherlock believable, or prefer to imagine that the physical contact in this story will eventually lead to more directly sexual things, I personally think this is a contribution to the body of fan-created literature that is one part heart-breaking, one part heart-warming, with a wee bit of humor thrown in for good measure.

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