happy birthday joseph!

Today is my friend Joseph's birthday and I just want to wish him many happy returns of the day. We've known each other for almost fifteen years now, and even though we've rarely even lived in the same state -- at times not even the same country or continent -- there were stretches of time when we were close to the most important person in the other's life. It's priceless having friends like that, and I'm grateful every day to count you among them, J.
Rabbits are a threat to gardens everywhere
 and must be contained.
Joseph is working toward his PhD in horticulture at Michigan State and currently blogs over at Greensparrow Gardens, where he showcases his kick-ass flower photography, his gardening cartoons and (see above) his always-present sense of humor.

Looking forward to seeing you next week buddy!

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  1. Aww... Thank you Anna! Looking forward to seeing you too!