post-thesis thursday

So yesterday at 4:57pm Eastern Standard Time, I sent the following tweet to my twitter account:

And then Hanna and I put on our sneakers and sandals and walked out into the beautiful spring evening to visit our local Staples and print out two complete copies of my Master's thesis, "How to Live?: The Oregon Extension as Experiment in Living, 1964-1980."

I'll be presenting my work at the Simmons College History Department's graduate colloquium on May 9th. At some point shortly after that, I plan to post details over at my OE Oral History blog about acquiring a copy of the thesis and viewing the presentation online. I'll cross-post or link out from here, so those of you who are interested can stay tuned for further details.

Meanwhile, I offer this music video in self-congratulations for the past four years of work. I don't know why this was the song I found rattling around in my head during these final days of revision. I haven't listened to this album in ages -- not since shortly after I moved to Boston. Maybe it's my subconscious trying to come full circle. Anyhow. As someone who's always found her work to take longer than originally planned, and who has (as my mother wrote in a recent email) found myself living an "unexpected life," I like the underlying message of this song.

More soon!