ficnotes: lestrade/watson twofer

I recently discovered that one of my friends and fellow fic readers really 'ships the (relatively rare) John Watson/G. Lestrade pairing in the Sherlock fandom. So I thought to kick off my return to ficnotes post post-thesis vacation, I'd share two sweet additions to this particular tradition within the overwhelming amount of content out there providing us with all the Sherlock slash we could possibly want.

I'm serious. If you find a gap, people, someone somewhere has thought of it ... and if they haven't I encourage you to go off and fill it yourself!

look, lestrade thinks you should.
screencap from 'study in pink' (1:1) by telestrkoza
Anyway. Here are this week's selections.

First up, from the understated and reliably brilliant Miss Lucy Jane, a sweet and sexy one-shot (well, so far) about how Lestrade and Watson finally connect not only as pals but as something more.
Title: Those Boys with the Earthly Eyes
Author: Miss Lucy Jane
Pairing: John Watson/Lestrade
Author Rating: R
Author Summary: "Greg Lestrade kisses with his eyes open."
Length: 1 part, 1700 words
Available At: MissLucyJane.com.
And as a teaser:
He didn’t know why it seemed like the right thing to do, but it did, and he didn’t know why John closed his eyes and turned his face into the cupped palm instead of laughing and stepping back, which was what Greg expected. He felt the prickle from John’s evening beard and even the brush of his eyelashes as he sighed, and from there it was the simplest thing in the world to slide his hand to the back of John’s skull and step closer, press against that solid body and drop a kiss on John’s hair.

When John tipped up his head his eyes were still closed, so Greg kept his open. Someone had to watch this, remember it.
The second comes from author Elfbert, and is unabashedly a PWP. Who among us hasn't had the experience of being somewhere for professional development and just wishing we could be at home with our lover/partner/fuck buddy instead?
Title: Congress
Author: Elfbert
Pairing: John Watson/Lestrade
Author Rating: Explicit
Author Summary: "John is stuck at a medical conference. He's missing Lestrade... (Prompt from the [Sherlock] kinkmeme)."
Length: 1 part, 2,562 words
Available At: AO3.
And as a teaser:

He swallowed the last of his pint, pocketed his phone, his fingers ghosting over the plastic key card in his pocket, just to be sure. The lift seemed to take forever as it took him up through the building, finally depositing him on his floor. He walked along the silent, deserted, corridor finally stopping outside his room, moving to slip the card into the lock.

He jumped as hands slid around his waist and someone pressed against him from behind. There was a familiar scent, and a second later rough stubble scratched against his neck, lips brushing against his ear. "Suggest you get yourself in that room and into bed right now," Lestrade's familiar husky voice said.

"What are you…How did you…how did you know my room number?" John couldn't stop smiling, and tried to turn around, to see his lover.

"Amazing what a warrant card will get you," Lestrade answered, not allowing John to do anything but walk forward, the door closing behind them with a firm click.

"That's…" John let out a breath as hands roamed down his stomach and began working to undo his trousers. "That's…not legal, surely," he managed.

"No." Lestrade slid his hand inside John's trousers...
Can't believe it's the first of June tomorrow! Hope y'all are looking forward to a summer full of beach reading, fanfic included.

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