from the neighborhood: validation thursday

cross-posted from ...fly over me, evil angel... where I wrote this post for Hanna this morning.

So for some reason, this seems to have been the week from hell for a lot of folks. Here in our household, Hanna has the flu, which is why I've volunteered to break radio silence with a photo post so you don't think she's been, you know, abducted by Mulder's alien friends. Or something.


Anyway. Here are some pictures by Hanna from our walk last weekend along the Charles River Esplanade. May 1st, through some strange coincidence, happened to be one of the first truly gorgeous spring/summer days here in Boston -- and we took photos to prove it!

Even the sailboats were enjoying the weather
Joggers and walkers were out in spades; and leaves
are finally starting to fill out along bare branches.
About halfway along the walk, we found that someone
had been busy with chalk writing encouragements on the pavement.
Encouragements like this -- charming in their artlessness.
(And to be honest, moving as well -- that someone took the time.)
This was my favorite. The text reads:
"<-- DUCK. Don't be afraid to fail (even at drawing)"
This was Hanna's favorite. The text reads:
"Just keep swimming!" (and a picture of a fish)
All of which reminded me of T.J Thyne's little gem of a film, which really should be broadcast on a weekly (daily? hourly?) basis across all forms of media worldwide. Possibly then there wouldn't be so many people doing stupid things which make us sad. It's 16:24 and I swear it's worth it. Make time in your day. You'll thank us.

We hope to see you again next week for our regularly scheduled programming.

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  1. Dude, the film made me cry. (I admit that I am rather sleep deprived and strung-out, having worked nine days in a row, including three that ran to 10pm. But still: tears. In a happy smiling way, of course.)