the feminist librarian reads: new tumblr resource

Inspired by Hanna, and her new tumblr mini blog evil angel, I've started up a tumblr account of my own called the feminist librarian reads. This is going to be the place where I post links and short snippets from blog posts and other web-based items that catch my eye. It may or may not replace the sunday smut list, which can be surprisingly time-consuming to put together at the end of every week! Although I'd miss putting together the commentary and finding sexy pictures. Maybe I'll just post the sexy pictures instead :).

Anyhow ... you can check out the tumblr blog two ways.

1) I've set up a feed so that it posts directly to a static page on this blog. A link to the feminist librarian reads can now be found as one of the links along the top of the page.

2) You can follow the tumblr blog directly with your RSS aggregator, etc., over at feministlibrarian.tumblr.com.

Enjoy your new toy for this rainy Monday afternoon. I may or may not be posting very heavily here at the Future Feminist between now and labor day weekend. I have a thesis draft to wrap up and send to my readers, and then Hanna and I are headed north to enjoy the long weekend with her folks. So in the meantime, you can catch a peek at what I'm checking out online and I'll try to be back more regularly when the new academic years rolls around!

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