harpy fortnights (post round-ups)

Since January 2011 I have been serving as a regular blogger at The Pursuit of Harpyness. This page provides links to the weekly and forthnightly round-up of all self-authored posts and my favorites from the other Harpy bloggers. The round-ups are posted here at the feminist librarian, but the individual links out from each round-up obviously take you over to The Pursuit of Harpyness. It goes without saying that this is not a complete index to the site, so if you're interested in searching the full Harpy archive, head on over to harpyness.com.

me --> writing elsewhere: summertime living edition | 2012-06-16

me --> writing elsewhere: springtime for harpies! edition | 2012-04-08

me --> writing elsewhere [harpy fortnight!] | 2012-02-05

harpy fortnight: season of thanks | 2011-11-27

harpy fortnight: not-back-to-school edition | 2011-10-02

harpy fortnight: labor day weekend edition | 2011-09-04

harpy fortnight: yes it's been a month edition | 2011-08-07

harpy fortnight: can't believe it's july edition | 2011-07-10

harpy fortnight: being out, being home, being wrong | 2011-06-05

harpy fortnight: post-thesis edition | 2011-05-08

harpy fortnight: musings about sex & other things | 2011-04-24

harpy week: omnibus edition II | 2011-04-10

harpy week: omnibus edition | 2011-03-27

harpy week: driving, dorothy day, and barruguets | 2011-03-13

harpy week: badass elders, badass bimbos, and a harpy seminar | 2011-03-06

harpy week: in which there is stuff. some of it mine | 2011-02-27

harpy week: 3 posts and 2 colds | 2011-02-20

harpy week: sisters, mothers, lovers | 2011-02-13

harpy week: sex and identity, sex and the law, and asexual sexuality | 2011-02-06

harpy week: of labor, tears, and joy | 2011-01-30

harpy week: sex, love, and politics | 2011-01-23

harpy week: hurtful words, healing words, and sexy words | 2011-01-16

harpy week: introductions, parenting, and politics | 2011-01-09