harpy fortnight: labor day weekend edition

why yes! I have spent the month of August reading
Dean/Cas slash. it's all about the wing!fic people!
 Can you believe it's September folks? Here's what's been happening over at Harpyness during the month of August.

As has been the case for the last several months, about half of my blogging there is taken up with the live-blogging of Jessica Yee's anthology Feminism For Real. The installments for August were:
There's been some good discussion in comments (particularly the 8/18 and 8/30 installments) about academic training, marginalization, privilege, ways of knowing, and all sort of things. Be sure to check them out!

I must be thinking a lot about human sexuality and identity right now, because I wrote two posts on the subject:
In addition to that, I cross-posted my piece on (not) being a parent and wrote in celebration of siblings. I shared a trailer for the documentary 'Kings of Pastry' which if you haven't already seen should go on the list.

I also facilitated, as promised, guest blogging by Hanna (JediCrow), Minerva, and Lola. Highlights include Hanna's posts on new series and classic Doctor Who, M's thoughts on Star Trek and the gender binary, and Lola's observations about the politics of DADT.

As always, if any of this interests you, please swing on by to join the conversation!

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