harpy week: omnibus edition

Rainbow Harpy
Harpy Week is back, folks, after a hiatus due to being in Maine with zero internet connectivity visiting my in-laws (not strictly legal yet, but what else do you call them, really?).

Over the past two weeks I've written a handful of posts over at The Pursuit of Harpyness and my colleagues have posted a handful as well.

Working backwards this time, just for the sake of novelty
  • On Friday, I asked folks to share their favorite signs of spring. My favorite response as of this writing was from Es, who responded: "The big white patches of horsehair in the drying mud in the fields, where my girl has had her winter blankets off and is rolling her fluff out! Like pony-snow-angels."
  • On Wednesday I threw up an open thread which developed several interesting conversations in comments about shitty experiences in academia, life changes, and wacky-yet-wonderful experiences in readers' lives.
  • Last Monday, following the trip to Maine, I wrote a rant about size-based segregation and stigma in clothing stores. While comments got off to a relatively slow start, by the end of the week we'd accumulated quite a long thread in which folks described their various frustrations in finding clothing that matches their body type and aesthetic preferences.
  • During the previous week, I wrote a Harpy Hall of Fame post about Sylvia Pankhurst, the middle daughter of the famous family of British suffrage activists. Click through to find out why she's buried in Addis Abiba, Ethiopia!
  • I highlighted a new report on bisexual invisibility published and made available online by the San Francisco Human Rights Commission LGBT Advisory Committee. There was some discussion in comments about what bisexual invisibility actually entailed, and how bisexual folks are (or are not) marginalized within the wider queer community.
  • And finally, nearly two weeks ago now I shared one of the wackiest pieces of solicitation junk mail I have ever had the (mis)fortune to receive. Click through for the tale of a Jesus prayer "rug" and the most egregious overuse of underlining in the history of the U.S. postal service.
Others have written posts on Wilma Mankiller, Geraldine Ferarro, and the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire (one hundred years ago March 25). We've discussed the ten commandments, prison rape, and stereotypes about mothers-in-law. We've talked about depression and job loss and what it takes some days to keep moving forward. Click on over to read the rest.

Hope you all have a day of rest this Sunday and that the week ahead is a little bit brighter for you than the one we're leaving behind.

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  1. I've been loving the baby-you photos & stories: awesome way to do a birthday! So anyway, your blog shows up in my 'top sites' homepage in Safari, and I saw that you had posted something new. And had a bizarre moment of looking at the thumbnail-within-a-thumbnail of the rainbow harpy.

    What the hell kind of childhood photo of Anna is this? Did a fun friend of the family do sort of a wild painting of baby her in her early days? Anna was really swirly and colorful as a child!

    Then I remembered that you do also blog about other things.