from the neighborhood: totally chav tv

So after a week of (mostly) ranty posts (excluding Hanna's guest-blogging, obviously), here's a little beginning-of-the-week fluff for this Monday morning.

My friends (and MHS colleagues) Jeremy and Jamie recently gifted Hanna and I -- for the price of hauling -- a gigantic television that Jamie's parents had passed on to her and for which she had no further use. Replacing our previous, dying, TV/VCR, this ginormous set now graces the corner of the bedroom and must be kept in line by Derek the Dalek, who sits sternly upon it to keep it in check while we are not home. When it's not in use we feel compelled to drape it in a colorful cloth in order to prevent the goblins who live inside it from spying on us in our sleep.

While larger than probably either of us would ever have voted for if purchasing a set, it's in perfect working order and allows us to watch Mr. Izzard in fine style. We've decided it's entirely chav and we kinda like it.

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