eddie izzard in boston!

Uncharacteristically impulsive (every once in a while you gotta try a new approach to life, eh?) Hanna and I decided at the last minute to use some Christmas gift money for tickets to see stand-up comic Eddie Izzard live here in Boston at the TD Garden, one of the stops on his current Big Intimacy tour. Hanna discovered Eddie Izzard's stand-up routines this past fall on Netflix instant and much hilarity ensued. I'm not really into stand-up comedy, and comedy generally wears thin for me in feature-length installments, but I have to say I find Mr. Izzard great fun. There's something totally winning about the fact that as a self-described "executive transvestite" he doesn't make his gender presentation central to his routines (it comes up, but his humor doesn't rely upon it) and also the fact that his humor, while irreverent owes a lot to the best of shows like Monty Python rather than cheap locker-room laughs (not to say he's never crude -- it's just that, again, his humor doesn't rely on it).

Hanna's already posted some of her favorite clips over at ...fly over me evil angel..., which if you're interested in a taste of Izzard's work I totally recommend you check out. But for you lazy blokes who aren't willing to click through the link, here's one from the latest DVD we watched, recorded live at Wembley Arena in London. I picked this one especially for you, Dad!

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