home for the holidays II [photo post]

My family often complains I don't share enough pictures on this blog, the better for them to get a sense of how we live here in Boston. So I thought over the holidays I'd try to make up for lost time (with a little help from the cats).

This week, Christmas parcels arrived from Michigan, Kentucky, Texas, Oregon, and California with presents for the humans; Teazle and Gerry enjoyed the boxes.

We had to clear a top shelf of the bookcase off for presents, out of reach of curious kittens. We had so many gifts that some have spilled onto the lower shelves (and a few more have arrived since!).

On Friday, I left work early to pick up our December CSA farm share in the pouring rain. When I got home, we had to lay all the veggies out to dry before storage.

Teazle was, as usual, super helpful in the task of vegetable organization. She kept insisting turnips should be kept on the floor.

I seem to have taken a lot of pictures of Teazle in the last couple of days. Possibly because she is ever-present investigating our activities. Here she is watching Hanna prepare lunch from the vantage point of an empty box in our kitchen.

I thought the light coming in the kitchen window made this a rather lovely still life. We just re-potted the plant after Teazle had dug it up multiple times on the windowsill in the living room. It's been relocated to the kitcen for safe-keeping.

While we were crocheting this afternoon, we decided to let Teazle play with our stuffed mouse from IKEA, which she is convinced is a real threat to life and limb. She kills the zombie mouse repeatedly, and carries it around in her mouth growling, particularly when you try to pry it from her jaws.

Above, she's guarding it between her front paws ...

... here she is wrestling with it across the living room floor ... 

... carrying it off by it's (broken) neck ...

... killing it again ...

... and finally getting bored by the whole endeavor (although only momentarily; the mouse came back to life and had to be killed again moments after I snapped this one).

All this ruckus sometimes exhausts Gerry, even if all she's doing is watch!

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