christmas in allston [thank you all!]

We started Christmas Day morning with the two packages we suspected from their shape were coffee mugs -- and we were right! Thank you, Brian and Renee. We were playing Scrabble just last night; now we have appropriately nerdy mugs for hot cocoa when we hold a rematch :)

The cats were initially disinterested in present-unwrapping (Teazle is even cleaning her toes!). But soon, both were in on the action. Gerry was particularly interested in helping Hanna upwrap presents from Janet and Mark:

And Teazle's new favorite toy (of this half hour) was a bow from Diana and Collin:

We put out the runner from Grandma Cook, made by master weavers in Sweden who serve the Swedish royal family!

I particularly enjoy the leaping pig!

We had to keep these little guys up high away from Teazle's explorations...

And I'll leave it there as we head out on this cloudy Boxing Day to the thinking cup for a few hours of reading and lattes. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Day and is looking forward to a relaxing as we head into the final days of 2012 and the dawn of 2013.

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