baby steps by my alma mater

I've been critical of my alma mater, Hope College, here on this blog in the past -- particularly when it comes to the institutional refusal to affirm the queer faculty and students on its campus. I stand firm on my pledge not to support the college financially until such time as its anti-gay policy changes.

However, I do also believe in giving shout-outs to those at the college who aren't letting the official policy stand in the way of affirming the humanity and equality of those of us in the Hope College diaspora who happen to be queer.

In that spirit ...

When Hanna and I sent out our wedding announcements in late September, I sent one to the Hope College alumni office; friends and family members were betting on whether or not the announcement would run in the alumni magazine's list of news from graduates (births, deaths, marriages, advanced degrees, and so forth) that fill the back of each issue.

They had about even odds for and against running the notice at all.

But I got the latest issue of News From Hope College this weekend and there we were on page 27.

Of course, as there is a "Marriages" section of the News, the announcement would have more appropriately gone there since, you know, we got married.

But I imagine someone had to fight to put our "union" in the magazine at all, and I'm all for recognizing baby steps when they're taken in the right direction.

So thank you, Hope College alumni office -- you exceeded my fairly jaded expectations. You're not going to single-handedly woo me back into the fold, but I do appreciate the acknowledgement that Hope alumni are here (and queer) right in the pages of the News from Hope.

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