harpy week: driving, dorothy day and barruguets

Two posts by yours truly this week, and a few by other Harpies.
  • On Monday, I blogged about the pleasures of driving -- and how I miss being behind the wheel now that I live in the city and don't own a car. In the comment thread, readers wrote about their own driving experiences and what they miss (or don't miss) about previous places they have lived and worked.
  • Thursday was the inaugural Thursday Night Trivia thread in which I posed the question "work or food?" to our readers (click through to find out why!)
  • On Friday, I contributed to the series we Harpies are doing on women in history (in honor of Women's History Month). My first contribution was Dorothy Day (1897-1980), journalist, social justice activists, and co-founder of the Catholic Worker Movement.
Other Harpies wrote posts about Vera Wang ad campaigns, the politics of terrorism, International Women's Day (March 8th if you missed it) and Dolores Huerta.

Next week, I have posts lined up about Sylvia Pankhurst, a new report on bisexual invisibility, and (if you're lucky) a report from the graduate conference on gender, sexuality and urban spaces that my friend Minerva and I attended this weekend at MIT's Stata Center.

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