happy birthday mom!

Today is my mother's birthday. Happy birthday Mom!

Anna Jane and Janet Ann (circa April 1981)
 Thirty years ago on this day, when my mother Janet celebrated her 31st birthday she was still pregnant with me. Five days later, I got tired of waiting and decided to make my entrance into the world, a full five weeks before my anticipated due date. (I always did like to get ahead of myself).

As a special birthday request this year, I asked my mother to pick out some of her favorite photographs from my early childhood years to be scanned and posted on my blog during "birthday week." So between now and next Friday, look forward to some incredibly dated and fun family photography! (Why else were blogs invented by for embrassing onesself in public, yes?)

Meanwhile, wish my awesome mother many happy returns of the day and another 61 years of kick-ass living, learning and being part of this wacky and wonderful family she helped create.

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