ficnotes: imperfection

Ginny Weasley
Over the weekend, I participated in a telephone interview with a graduate student doing research on women's experience with "sexually explicit materials" (i.e. pornography and erotica). And, what with one thing and another, we got discussing fanfiction and I observed to her -- because this has been a topic of conversation among friends recently -- how frustrating it is that so few fic authors write really good lesbian slash. I am definitely into lesbian erotica (coughcough), but most of the fanfiction I read tends to be about male characters. I love these stories, but it makes me sad sometimes that lesbian love stories are so thin on the ground in the fanfiction genre.

Maybe I've found my calling as a writer ...?

But in the meantime, I thought I'd tip my hat to F/F slash with this sweet little one-shot Harry Potter fic by author FayJay (whose work I plan to feature in several other ficnotes in weeks to come).
Title: Imperfection
Author: FayJay
Pairing: Hermione/Ginny
Rating: PG-13 (my rating; author didn't give one)
Length: 2121 words (one chapter)
Available At:
Archive of Our Own
This fic falls into the genre of same-sex flirtation that grows out of two girls discussing their sexual experience with boys, and how it ... lacks something. Something they can't quite put their fingers on (double entendre very much intended).

I'm going to continue my quest for better F/F fic in the months to come, so watch for future installments of ficnotes featuring (I hope!) awesome female characters in addition to the usual suspects.


  1. Hear hear for the femmeslash!

    I'm still waiting for someone to write a happy, bubbly, canon-ignoring Tonks and Adult!Luna that does them justice.

    I should probably write it myself.

  2. @Rie

    Would love to have recommendations for well-written, believable femmeslash if you have any. Thanks for stopping by!