harpy week: badass elders, badass beauties, a harpy seminar and more

It was a subdued sort of week over at Harpyness, at least for me. Busy week at work meant lighter, less time-consuming posts to write.
Other Harpies wrote about Charlie Sheen, the SCOTUS ruling on Westboro Baptist Church's first amendment rights, and solicited names for a series of posts on historical figures for women's history month. First up in the series was Shirley Chisholm; watch for future installments through the month. Next week, I'll be posting one about radical peace and labor activist Dorothy Day.

Finally, we were most pleased to offer a guest post by a friend of one of the Harpies who has recently gone through a divorce and reflected on his desire to establish a family, have children, and how those plans had been interrupted by the end of his relationship. We were pleased to have him and hope to feature more Harpy readers as guest posters as time goes on.

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