birthday week photo no. 7: 3/30/1984

My third birthday (1984).
It is now obvious to me I need to find
another pair of pink sunglasses.
So today is my actual birthday. Thanks to everyone who is helping me celebrate, near and far. As I'm writing this post, it's only 9:30 in the morning and I've already had "happy birthday" messages from folks in three separate countries on two continents.

Here's to another thirty years. Then thirty more - and beyond.


  1. Happy Birthday, Anna! I hope you have a super dooper day!

  2. That picture is so great!

    Happy birthday.

  3. Happy birthday, Anna! I hope you & yours are getting to celebrate however you want to celebrate.

    Thirty's pretty great, right? I rather like it, myself.

  4. Thanks everyone!

    @Molly, I know! Someone at work this morning asked if I was having a crisis and I was like, "actully, I've been looking forward to my thirties for a while now! I was ready to be done with being twentysomething."

    *high five*