You've been watching too much science fiction when

Yesterday, I was writing out new envelopes for a series of pamphlets we hold at the MHS and I glanced at the title "The legal condition of women in Mass," published in 1869, and thought it read "The legal condition of women on Mars." Yup.

Possibly those three episodes of Torchwood I watched last night were inadvisable . . . though I can't really say I feel that contrite. It was a delicious way to begin the weekend.

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  1. Actually, it might have something to do with the fact that NASA scientists found a lot of methane emissions on Mars, which come from either geological or biological sources. There are some bacteria that live miles beneath the Earth's surface and put out similar emissions. In theory, it may be warm enough under Mars' surface for water to be both present and in liquid form.

    Or maybe you've read too much sci fi. :)