(Belated) Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I'm back in Boston and catching up on everything that needs doing before the term starts up in a few weeks. This includes napping . . .

. . . and polishing off some of those winter break book reads . . .

As well as, of course, working our way through the local selection of xocolata calenta.*

*Catalan for hot chocolate (because why not?)

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  1. Happy New Year, Anna (and readers of FFLA)!

    I'm a huge fan of L.A. Burdick. (In fact, if it's a publicly-traded company, you could probably make a few dollars by short-selling it when I leave town, and buying stock when I return. :) )

    Aside from their (fabulous) hot chocolate, their chocolates are phenomenal. If you haven't gone already, don't get the large hot chocolate (which one of my friends referred to as a "trough"), and get some pave glace.