Post-inaugural links

So I've been trawling the web this morning on my usual sites, and here are a few things that I thought I'd round up vis a vis the inauguration and the new administration.

From Jon Carroll over at the San Francisco Chronicle:

And the crowd said "Amen" and Barack Obama said "Amen," and we had a new president and a new lesson: Eloquence is the best revenge. Nonviolence is such a great tool.

Bishop Gene Robinson, who offered a prayer at the pre-inaugural concert, was a guest on The Daily Show last night. Since I'm at work I haven't had a chance to watch the interview, but I will pretty much take Robinson's eloquence on faith. If you weren't able to catch the interview live, go watch it when you have a chance.

Pandagon has a story about the fishy way the costs of Obama's inauguration were reported in some media outlets.

And just in case we're in danger (coughcough) of getting too self-congratulatory, the ever-reliable Onion provides the following tongue-in-cheek headline: Inauguration Crowd Moves To White House Gates To Watch Presidency Happen.

Evening Addendum:

From the Guardian online comes a summary of Obama's first day in office: "President Barack Obama devoted his first full day at the White House to ditching in quick succession one discredited Bush administration policy after another."

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