oh yes, we're home! [a no-photo post]

Hanna and I finally made it back to Boston on an uneventful Saturday-afternoon flight through Cleveland. We sort of didn't believe it was happening until we actually hit the runway at Logan, but yay! We're home.

We think it's probably a good measure of the good fit of our lives currently that even though we both really enjoyed the extended stay with my folks in Holland, we had good feelings about being back in Boston, in our apartment, and back at our respective jobs.

We're playing catch-up this week, for obvious reasons, but my hope for the winter/spring is to have at least one book review-type post up per week, likely on Mondays. For next week, I plan to write a joint review of Shiri Eisner's Bi and the anthology A Woman Like That both of which I read while snowbound in Michigan.

More soon. Meanwhile, enjoy this videosoothing of our new humidifier, which changes colors and baffles the cats!

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