in which I write letters: dear netflix

Okay, so Hanna and I joined the tens of thousands of Netflix customers who expressed their displeasure at the planned price hikes for the popular DVD rental and online video streaming service, and particularly the way in which the company announced the price changes.  I'm not going to replicate the whole thing here, but I have thrown the letter into a PDF document so anyone who's interested can read it and/or steal from it.

Mostly, I wanted to offer the contact details I was given by the customer service representative who answered the phone when I called the 1-800 number. Why did I use the telephone you ask? Because I'm apparently the only Netflix user on the planet who managed to discover and then forget that Netflix doesn't like actually receiving meaningful customer feedback. Nowhere on their site do they have a form for communicating with them about any aspect of their services, nor do they have a customer service email through which to express positive or negative feedback about their company. Instead, I had to call on the phone and insist on obtaining a mailing address where I could direct the letter. I'm serious: the (very courteous) man whom I spoke to really really really wanted to take my feedback via telephone. I explained I already had it all written out and wanted to send it by email or mail thank you very much. He put me on hold and then finally said he'd been given "permission" to give me the corporate headquarters address to send the letter to.

I'm supposed to address it "Attn: Corporate."

they don't get it either
I mean, even the Massachusetts Historical Society has someone who handles PR, right? We're an organization of fifty employees! And you're telling me that Netflix doesn't have a Customer Service office staffed by people whose sole responsibility is to field incoming letters, emails, telephone calls, texts, tweets, Facebook messages, you name it?? I'm supposed to send my letter to corporate?

Excuse me while I pause to feel a little teeny tiny bit jerked around.

Anyway, here's the address if you want to lodge a complaint:
Attn: Corporate
100 Winchester Circle
Los Gatos, CA
Or, apparently, you can use the popular method of leaving a message on their Facebook page.

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  1. Ah... your letter says everything I have been thinking since hearing about this Netflix debacle. Thanks for sharing!