harpy fortnight: can't believe it's july! edition

god, this just makes me want to watch Angels in America again
The last few weeks have been a bit rocky over at The Pursuit of Harpyness as we were dealing with some nasty malware that took out no fewer than three of my work computers and several other personal computers of the Harpy team ... not for good, but certain a pain in the ass. Thanks to blogger foureleven's husband we are today virus free and back to our regular blogging schedule. My contributions since June 19 have included the following:

I'm obviously not the only one being harpylike these days: BeckySharper gives some kudos to the NYPD, SarahMC has a few words about the American justice system vis a vis the Casey Anthony verdict (did anyone else miss that this was a thing until last week?), Marie Anelle offers "mental hallucinations" in honor of Canada Day, and Michelle Dean (via BeckySharper) writes about the creep that is Princess Diana fanfic.

Do come join the party!

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