60 @ 60? Make that 100 @ 60!

I turned thirty this year which means my dad turns sixty. Today is his birthday.

Happy Birthday Dad!

He celebrated this weekend by cycling in the Holland Hundred, a one hundred mile bicycle tour sponsored by the Macatawa Cycling Club.

My family members know that bicycling generally isn't my thing (though I'm thinking of getting in on Boston's new point-to-point bike rental initiative), but -- knock on wood -- I hope my genes and physical activity will get me to my sixtieth birthday in good enough shape that I could bicycle a hundred miles in a day if I wanted to. With a little training, at least.

Here's to many more happy and active returns of the day.

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  1. Anna, thanks for the birthday post! Even though you say "biking isn't your thing," I always tell people one of my favorite rides ever was the one we did together around Loch Katrine in Scotland -- even in the rain. Feel free to post one of those pictures as reminder of more two-wheeled adventures to come!