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I owe my friend Minerva @ Hypomnemata a big thank you for posting a link to this particular fic.
Title: Transport
Author: ThisPrettyWren
Pairing: Sherlock/John (Sherlock BBC)
Alerts: Bondage, Sensory Deprivation
Rating: NC-17
Length: circa. 10,500 words
Available At: ThisPrettyWren's the unattended kettle and the epilogue can be found here.

Where to begin with this particular fic. The first thing you need to understand is that this is definitely a kink fic in which Sherlock's chosen form of sexual outlet is bondage and sensory deprivation followed by anonymous sexual/sensual touch. At a sex club where John Watson occasionally provides his services as the doctor on call.

What I think this piece (amazingly enough the author's first pass at writing explicit slash) does brilliantly is convey the way that, for Sherlock Holmes, lack of sensory input serves to increase his capacity for relating and communicating with others (read: John) in an intimate way. In a way that make shim feel cared for, connected and grounded. By engaging in activities that many of us would see at first glance as distancing, as dis-engagement, as a refusal to accept human-to-human intimacy with a known other being ... Sherlock is actually able to experience intimacy on a profound level.  

Also: don't miss the epilogue, wherein the author explores the way that this intimacy between John and Sherlock serves to help Sherlock function in the world outside of sex -- how it helps him feel known in a way that keeps him present and focused where he might just fall to pieces otherwise.

Go enjoy!

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  1. nice review, i've been looking for the review for this, i think i'm gonna watch it soon