harpy week: omnibus edition II

KK isn't technically a harpy
but we're running with it anyway.
FreakAngels (Vol 5)
Another two-week round-up here.

The past two weeks have seen the following posts up at The Pursuit of Harpyness:
  • A Friday Fun Thread highlighting Freak Angels and asking folks to post links to their favorite web comics. The comments thread is a goldmine of new reading suggestions! I highly recommend browsing and link-hopping.
  • A review of data from the Califonia Health Interview Surveys that highlights the health issues for ageing queer folks. Some thoughtful reflections in comments about how we could provide better support for all elders.
  • A response to an advice column letter posted at the Guardian by a mother concerned that her teenage son was viewing internet pornography. There was a long, engaged discussion in the comment thread over the limits of young adult autonomy and the extent to which parents have the right (or ability) to restrict their children's exploration of sexuality in this way.
  • For a Thursday Night Trivia I requested readers favorite childhood picture books. (Again, have fun in comments!)
  • And I praised the women's health movement for encouraging women to become familiar with their own anatomy and become used to touching themselves in a way that can only help inform more pleasurable sexual experiences.
Other contributors offered blog posts on Canadian politics, wedding rings, shopping for bras, and being newly-single. All this and more over at The Pursuit of Harpyness! Come join us.

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