from the neighborhood: non-humans center stage

Hanna and I have been talking about adopting a cat for several months now, and this weekend we went to visit the first candidate -- a two-year-old female, Marie, who is currently living at a lively foster home in Haverhill. Her foster family patiently allowed us to sit with her for about an hour and despite the lack of sardines in our pockets we did not seem to offend her. Stay tuned for further developments!

Marie having her supper. Photograph by Anna 25-Sept-2010.
Haverhill, Massachusetts

In unrelated news (besides being in the realm of cool photographs and animal photography), Hanna finally succeeded in capturing a decent photograph of our resident spider, Charles, who resides outside our kitchen window on a beautifully-constructed web.

Charles the Spider in our kitchen window. Photograph by Hanna 24-Sept-2010
Allston, Massachusetts

Have a good rest of the week everybody!

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