multimedia monday: "i can download protection for up to a thousand periods!"

TECH UPDATE: Reader Saskia Tielens alerted me to the fact that this video is marked "private" and will not play as an embed. I will try to locate a usable video! ~A.

Further tech update: Finally had a chance to find a YouTube version that wasn't private. The embed should work now ~A.

After Apple announced that it's latest gadget was going to be named the iPad, a number of my feminist blogs pointed out that "tablet computer" was not the first thing that came to mind when they heard the word. Turns out (hat tip to my friend Rachel for the video link) that MadTV was ahead of them.

I've seen critiques of the iPad/period jokes based on the fact that they're predicated on the idea that periods (and by implication the working of women's bodies) are gross and icky . . . and Hanna contends the joke is just a "groaner." Personally, while I recognize the validity of both of these criticisms, I also think the MadTV video is making fun of the cheeriness of menstruation product and Apple product marketing than passing judgment on the inherent value of either.


  1. The video says its a private video and can't be accessed if I haven't accepted the friend link. Or something..maybe there's another one out there?

  2. Thanks for the tech note Saskia, I'll try to find another embed; it played fine for me last week, but seems to have stopped working...