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More stuff I have not had time to blog about this week:

In Norwich, England, knitters have come to the rescue of over one thousand balding chickens by knitting them jumpers.

Dahlia Lithwick on teenagers swapping naked pictures with their significant others and getting charged with disseminating child pornography. Can we all say "invasion of privacy" and "over-reaction"?

Popular finance: it isn't the system, it's you. Pink Scare on the dangers of turning financial security into a self-help regime. The personal is political anyone?

A study in the UK argues that children are being "blighted" by education geared toward standardized tests. Every time a study like this comes out, news stories run with it like we don't already know this. It drives me crazy.

Another study from the UK suggests people are more afraid of disclosing mental illness than sexual orientation. Not sure what to make of that.

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