More Favorite Things: Joint Movie Blogging

A couple of weeks ago, Hanna's bed unexpectedly died. It was a very traumatic event that led to a lot of hauling of various old bits out and new bits in, deconstruction, construction, sweeping of dust bunnies and the consumption of a very nice bottle of sake. Which in turn led to the creation of this annotated list of twenty-nine of our favorite romantic movies.

Which was also, in part, a response to this list, that Hanna had blogged about earlier.

So anyways, check out our own (far superior, *coughcough*) list over at Hanna's blog, ...fly over me, evil angel....

UPDATE: We're already accumulating, via comments, constructive critique concerning films we short-shrifted. And really, there is no excuse for forgetting a movie like Secretary or My Girl Friday. In the interest of full disclosure, certain movies (Hanna has already mentioned History Boys) were considered for inclusion, sidelined, and then we ran out of room (the list we were responding to had 29 films, thus our seemingly-arbitrary cut-off). "Honorable mentions" from the rough draft also include Stardust, Beyond Silence, Little Voice, Bend It Like Beckham, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Lion in Winter, Stage Beauty, and The Princess and the Warrior.

Clearly, we're already at work on installment number two . . . thoughts? put 'em in comments (on either blog)!

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