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Stuff I haven't had a chance to blog about in detail:

Courtney E. Martin on Why Love is Our Most Powerful Form of Activism.

Tkingdoll, over at Skepchick, on the historical moment we're living through and why, despite all news headlines to the contrary, we might be lucky to be alive in the midst of it.

Race and Gender in Coraline, over at FilthyGrandeur (via Feministe).

Ariel Levy's review of the new edition of The Joy of Sex. Let it be noted I take issue with her characterization of both Our Bodies, Ourselves and the Moosewood Cookbook -- both are just fine without the bacon, thank you very much!

Some thought-provoking coverage of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's role on the U.S. Supreme Court as well an analysis of the court's current composition.

"No one expects e-books to overtake printed books as rapidly as digital music overtook CDs and albums" . . . but will they ever?

Dancing Backwards in Heels offers some reflections upon reading Michael Kimmel's Guyland (2008).

And finally, if you're feeling strong, the wrongness that is Obama slash fanfic (commented on, with excerpts, at Bitch blogs), and Pilgrim Soul, at The Pursuit of Harpyness on the creepyness of America's obsession with the Obama family's "hotness."

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