support black cat rescue! [wedding giving]

Geraldine, on her first day at our home (Oct 2009)
I went back and forth about whether to put up a shout-out for this fundraiser on my blog - but what's a fundraiser for if you don't, you know, raise funds for the charity in question?

As I shared in my wedding planning posts, in lieu of a gift registry Hanna and I decided to ask people to donate to Black Cat Rescue, the amazing foster organization that took Geraldine and her kittens in off the street and made it possible for us to bring her into our family. She's been with us three years this weekend, and we hope she's not too angry at us for adopting her a little kitten-niece in the form of enthusiastic Teazle.

Gerry and Teazle napping
Gerry helps Hanna do yoga
We've set up a FirstGiving page to process donations which will go directly to Black Cat Rescue. I hope y'all will at least take a moment to consider giving something small ($1, $5, it's all good!). They're good people doing good work on a strictly volunteer basis. The funds we raise will go toward supplies and medical care for the cats they take in.

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