weekend miscellany: honk! festival

Hanna's parents were in town Sunday (bringing Lionel to stay) and we T-ed out to Porter Square to check out a yarn shop that Hanna's mom wanted to visit. When we stepped off the T in Porter Square, we walked right into the midst of the Honk! Festival parade. Bostonist has a gallery of photos if you're interested in seeing some of the great costumes. It was a beautiful day and all the participants looked like they were having lots of fun.

Hanna and I are both recovering from very bad colds (maybe the dreaded H1N1?!) that had us at half-mast -- and sometimes much less -- for the better part of two weeks . . . so no more substantial posts for the minute. Watch for a report at the Beehive blog over the next couple of days from a brown-bag talk I attended last week, and next week I should have pictures and notes from our weekend in Burlington, attending the New England Historical Association's fall conference at the University of Vermont. Until then, it's back to the catch-up "to do" list . . .

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