links: i'm 100% of the problem edition

My blog feeder has been overwhelming of late (I walk away for three hours of class and return to find it brimming with 100s of stories!) so this doesn't pretend to be anything other than a highly subjective collection of stuff I've read, remembered to flag for later, and feel moved to pass on.

Hanna's started blogging again at ...fly over me, evil angel... and may soon be blogging for a UK-based project on eBooks (stay tuned for more).

Phyllis Schlafly recently claimed that gay people are responsible for 5% of what's wrong with America, and feminists responsible for 95%. I asked Hanna if this makes means I can claim to be 100% evil? She says yes.

In the UK, a university administrator has (justifiably!) caused a kerfluffle by suggesting that male university lecturers should enjoy lusting after female students (yes, just the women) as one of the 'perks' of their job.

It might just be because I'm in the middle of a project on collective memory and the 19th Amendment, but I find the recurring theme of far right pundits suggesting women shouldn't have the right to vote bizarre and slightly alarming.

Conservative Christians in America apparently think Jesus wouldn't want socialized medicine. Except when it's socialized medicine for them. As my friend Rachel commented, "Nothing makes me more crazy than Christians against HEALTH CARE FOR THE POOR. OH MY GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE DID THEY EVER READ THE BIBLE."

And in other disheartening religious news: the Vatican thinks "but other people do it too" is an excuse for sexual abuse (and once again equates abusive sexual behavior with sexual orientation). Way to be totally immature, guys.

While we're on the subject of immaturity, reading Playboy will make boys gay (bad? good?). Or, the threat of becoming gay will make boys stop reading Playboy (good? bad?). Or something. Greta Christina explains.

After all of that, please enjoy . . .

Cute kittens: nolan, raven, and minerva.

Cute Boston: here, here, and here.

One of the best anti-censorship letters from a librarian I've ever read (via Hanna via Stephen Fry on twitter)

Oh, and the Scotsman definitely has this month's great headline: Ben Nevis marred by blight of bananas.

Enjoy your weekend, folks! . . . I tried to take a picture of the possessed scooter that lives in the playground near my apartment this morning, but my camera was out of batteries. I promise to be better-prepared next time. More soon!


  1. And this is definitely the best blog post title of the month! =)

  2. possibly better if I'd managed to compose it without two "ofs" . . . fixed! thanks for the note :)

  3. "I'm 100% of the Problem." Where can I buy the t-shirt?

  4. great idea, ps; now all I need is someone who could do an awesome graphic :)

  5. I look forward to all the ways you will use this great power for ill.

    The t-shirt you have on there is also pretty awesome.