Now all he needs is a magic top hat

Regular readers of this blog will remember that Hanna and I are besotted with the British stop-motion animated series The Clangers, and back in November wrote an open letter to the Obama family suggesting addition of froglets to the new White House family.

You will understand, therefore, our delight last week to discover our friend and colleague Cynthia had introduced, without even realizing that she had done so, a froglet to the Northeastern archives. Please meet Schweinfurth, the Northeastern Froglet.

He currently resides on the reception desk and seems content with his sole possession: a dime. We are currently on the look out for a top hat and gladstone bag, with which most froglets seem to be rarely without.

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  1. WheeeOooooweee? Ooooo. WeeOooOo. Wooh? (That was a comment posted in Clangerspeak. It's hard to transcribe a slidewhistle.)